Maximize Customer Lifetime Value of our jewelry customers through the development, execution, and analysis of effective conversion and back-end projects. Manage a chain of influence that results in higher customer retention. Build the brand position of the jewelry business.


1. Responsible to ensure the confidentiality and full complete safeguarding the company’s trade secrets and any of our business clients customer lists and related records. (Accountable to: Corporate Leadership Team and Clients).

2. Direct and oversee ongoing research programs to determine the most efficient and effective ways to maximize our business potential (including response rates, re-buy activity and lifetime value) with them across all channels of distribution (Catalog, Internet, Retail & TV). Direct the development and implementation of marketing programs including cross company initiatives, public relations, alternative customer acquisition programs, alternative customer retention and LTV generating programs that incorporate company and department objectives while developing and supporting the company’s image in the marketplace. Ensure the development of appropriate tracking, reporting and management reporting on all marketing activities and performance (Accountable to: Corporate Leadership and Clients).

3. Manage the development and execution of analysis, mail plans and reporting to optimize mailing performance. Plan optimum circulation quantities, and direct the appropriate selection of mailing lists, and mail dates to achieve maximum response rates and revenues efficiently. Develop and revise as needed, the annual circulation plan that specifies the timing, circulation quantities, sales, ad costs and marketing contribution for each mailing event. Grow the company’s active customer base using responsible, measurable methods and programs for acquiring new customers, reactivating dormant customers and retaining active customers. (Accountable to: Corporate Leadership and Clients).

4. Ensure postage and printing costs are controlled by managing the constant re-evaluation of paper, trim size and vendors. (Accountable to: Corporate Leadership and Clients).

5. Staff and develop department personnel; and establish and document systems, policies and procedures including budgets, plans and reports that ensure efficient, effective departmental operations. Coordinate marketing with other company departments to ensure smooth follow through on all marketing activities across all channels of distribution. (Accountable to: Corporate Leadership and Clients).

6. Responsible for the ongoing development and management of LTV analysis and projections along with the the ongoing development, budgeting, management and full utilization of the web marketing channel. (Accountable to: Corporate Leadership and Clients).

7. Actively and positively contribute to overall success through regular contributions to the general management of the company including enhancement of professional management practices and capabilities. Participate and provide leadership in inter-departmental meetings, projects and informal activities. Support the company and other departments wherever and whenever your skills and experience would be beneficial. (Accountable to: Corporate Leadership and Clients).

A proud member of many regional and national multichannel marketing associations, the Minnesota Association of Personnel Services, Database Marketing Institute and Advisory Board of Data University.