The most important question you can ask a digital marketing executive search firm is: What is your process?

For us, that is a true differentiator. After nearly three decades of experience, our ecommerce and digital marketing executive search process is proven with a 94% retention rate among placed candidates, at least two years past the start date.


√ In-House Visit

We offer all clients the opportunity to meet, and work personally, with Jerry Bernhart to discuss your search, learn your culture, and help draft a job description that will attract exactly the right candidate. Another true differentiator in our digital marketing executive search process. It virtually assures a successful cultural fit. And as they say, “culture eats strategy for lunch.”

√ 15 Steps to Success

Our highly defined and time-tested digital marketing executive search process begins with an in-depth discussion with the hiring manager and/or human resources to clearly understand the duties and responsibilities of the position, organizational structure, and the main business problem or challenge that our candidate will be hired to solve.  I devote an entirely separate discussion to cultural considerations. The critical importance of cultural alignment, both professionally and personally, is a centerpiece of my approach, a philosophy that I have shared in my writings and presentations over the past 28 years as a leading executive recruiter in the digital, ecommerce and multichannel marketing field. Next is research to identify potential candidates and recruitment sources as well as companies to target based on skills, channels and company experience.

√ I then contact, evaluate and qualify potential candidates through my extensive cross-referenced network. I run it like a finely tune marketing campaign with compelling messages, comprehensive targeting and frequent updates so you know exactly where I stand. Re-calibrate/fine-tune search if necessary based on initial findings. Ideally, present 3-5 qualified and highly motivated candidates for first-round interviews. Typically, we’ll have the first resume on your desk within two weeks. You’ll receive search updates no less than once per week.  We do not delegate the all-important tasks of recruiting, interviewing and negotiating to research associates or junior staffers. Jerry Bernhart personally makes each and every contact throughout the entire recruiting process, leveraging his highly refined and highly impactful interviewing and screening techniques, his extraordinarily high “name recognition” quotient and his enormous nationwide cross-referenced contact network to locate, evaluate and help you attract and hire top performers.

This gives your search enormous credibility.

√ I then debrief first and second round interviews to gauge mutual interest, re-address all major candidate qualifiers (compensation, relocation, title, travel, timing, competing opportunities, benefits, family considerations, etc.) to identify and address potential obstacles to candidacy. Conduct thorough references once a finalist is identified. Deliver the employment offer, handle negotiations, and leverage my deep knowledge of compensation levels and trends during the final stages to steer the search assignment towards a successful outcome.

Because I heavily pre-qualify candidates prior to the offer stage, unexpected surprises and turndowns are extremely rare.

√ Guarantee

I remain engaged with both parties to ensure the candidate gets off to a successful start during the first 90 days of employment.

This proven, time-tested digital marketing executive search process has resulted in the successful placement of more than 650 digital, ecommerce and omnichannel marketing professionals since 1990.

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digital marketing executive search
digital marketing executive search
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